Arnon Dagan

Arnon Dagan sails for Israel. His unique sailing style makes him the perfect racing machine- tall and strong, this boy is fast! He has been known to “almost” win big events and has the talent to deliver great results. He is not only fast on the slalom course, he goes upwind like a madman

He has had some top 3 results in Formula World and European Championships and with a top 5 finish in the PWA world tour 05 he is a serious contender on the PWA slalom scene! Arnon is also a very experienced tester and tuner, he has a great feeling for his gear and knows what he needs to make it better.Keep an eye on this guy!

Arnon: “I first met MR Z in the Formula European Championship of 2009. I took a look at his fin’s and I new strait away this guy knows what he is doing but more important a very nice down to earth person. After getting to know MR Z and his operation I was even more convinced that the experience and Knowledge he has working with carbon and high technology computer programs for the past 20 years is something the world of windsurfing has not seen before! I went to visit MR Z in Estonia and together with Alberto Menegatti we tested and developed new fins and went on to finish 4th and 5th in the world championship 2009. Im proud to be part of the Z fins team and very happy with the program we have. I know that after a short time working we already have some of the best fins in the world and they will only get better!