Martin Ervin

Martin EST-202 is a sailor from Estonia who has also been into sailing since 1980. He may be characterised as a passionate sailor who spends every minute of his spare time at the sea and enjoys every moment on the water.
In addition to several Baltic Cup winnings, Martin is also a manifold Estonian champion. On his mantelpiece there are also two trophies of the World Championships of the Master’s Class and a prize for the seventh position at the European Championships of 2009.

I have had an extraordinary chance to be one of the first ones to try the Z’s fin. Without any doubt in my mind, I started to use a Z fin immediately, and it became irreplaceable for me at the sea. The fin is fast, my results in 2009 prove that.
Z is a great sailor and friend. That’s why we understand each other completely. If there is a need for the improvement of the fins, there will be a new fin ready in no time which is exactly what I wanted. Such cooperation results in only the best fins. I love how hard working, innovative and committed the Z is. I’m happy to be a part of the Z Fins team with Arnon and Alberto.
Thank you Mr Z!