All our fins are produced in handmade pre-preg technology. This is the only way to get the best performance next to the smallest tolerances. Not a secret, that sometimes two similar fins can feel different, but this gives you the opportunity to test out the best one that is the fastest for you.

Currently, the only available model is our ZF model, and it has been our most popular model by far over the years.


Our formula fins are available from 67cm. The normal length is 70cm. The tip cut gives an extra power for the fin and we can produce the fins that have even 5cm tip cut (this is the 75cm blade, cut minus 5cm from tip. The tip will be wider thus more powerful)


The first letters: The model ZF

Next number(s): Length in cm 68=68cm: 0=70cm; 1=71cm blade, that have minus 1cm tip cut; 2=72cm blade that have minus 2cm tip cut etc..

Then follows stiffness.

For example: ZF2 S – – : This is the ZF model blade, length 70cm with tip cut minus 2cm. Stiffness is extra-extra soft (S doube minus).


Warranty for S and S- stiffness lasts 12 months. for S – – the warranty is 6 months and it starts 10 days after we ship the fin from our production facilities.


Due to quite big tolerances in board production we are producing the fin head 1/10 mm bigger than the board hole. this means, that first time you are using your fin, you probably need to sand the fin head until it fits correctly into the box. if you sand it too less and start tightening the screws too early you can easily broke you fin head and this is not covered with 1y or 6m warranty.