Have you got any outlets in Estonia or other locations?

We don´t have any outlets . Mostly we are selling our products via our homepage. But we also have dealers in Japan, Russia, France, Spain, Italy and Denmark. Contact us for details about our dealers

Do you ship worldwide?

We do ship worldwide. Please visit our Terms and Conditions page for shipping details.

Do you offer warranty?

We offer one year warranty on our S and S- stiffness models. For our S – – we offer a six month warranty. The warranty starts 10 days after delivery from Estonia.

How about breakage?

If you break your fin, please take some photos and contact us. This feedback gives us opportunity for better analysis of what has happened. We are taking all breakages very seriously and are monitoring the statistics very carefully. We can say that chances of breakage currently is at 1%.

My fin doesn’t fit properly into the box of my board?

Due to tolerances in board/fin production we are producing the base of fin 1/10 mm bigger than the standard TUTTLE / DEEP TUTTLE box. This means, that first time you are using your fin, you probably will need to sand the fin base until it fits correctly into the box. If you sand it too little and start tightening the screws too early you can easily break you fin base and this is not covered with 1y or 6m warranty.